Q: Why do some people sneeze more times in a row than others?


Simon asked this Question:

My father and I sneeze up to eight or so times in a row, and my father’s father could sneeze 14 times without stopping.
But why do some people sneeze so many times in a row, while others can just sneeze once and be done with it?

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  1. thecoolone says:

    That would make three of us. My average number of sneezes is somewhere between 6-10 in a row. I envy those who just sneeze once and stop. Which is why I’ve learned to keep in my sneezes when I’m in public. I guess it’s just that some noses get whatever’s irritating it out after the first sneeze, while some of us aren’t as lucky.

    And don’t even get me started on people who sneeze and make little to no noise! Ugh…

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