Will going to the gynecologist always hurt?


Question by ♥FABULOUS♥:

I’m 17 and I went for my first gyno appointment the other day.
It hurt SO bad.
I know they used a small speculum (I’m not sure if that’s what its called), and it still hurt.
It hurt so bad I made him stop like 3 times.
Is it always going to hurt that bad?
I really hope not.
So will having sex hurt too?

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  1. catwoman says:

    unfortunately, it will not get any better or any more comfortable. I dread going in for my annuals, but force myself to make the appt, because I have 2 friends that both had cysts that were found in their early 20′s. These can be serious and could cause problems if you ever want to have kids. In the future take some pain reliever right before going, and schedule the appt. for a time when you don’t have anything to do afterwards, but going home to relax.

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  2. ♥♥The Queen Has Spoken♥♥ says:

    It probably hurt because you were tense…

    Change to a woman gyno….. Then try to relax your stomach muscles during the exam….

    Sex should not ever hurt…. The vagina is very pliable and should stretch enough for exams and sex with problem…. Having a baby is lot larger than speculum or that other thing…..

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  3. rock-star says:

    The more you tense up or get anxious about the situation, the more it will hurt. I have vaginimus so pap smears are basically impossible for me, but i’m working on it. What happens to the vagina when it’s tense is that it contracts and closes, so you will often feel a sudden, sharp, and intense pain upon insertion of the speculum. If you are not having sex yet, do not worry too much about pap smears. Once you do have sex, be sure you are extremely comfortable with the person and with your own body. It will take time and understanding from the other person. Good luck and don’t stress yourself out =)

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  4. Anonymous says:

    wats up im 17 too and i wanna kno do u have to have a parent to do the gyno yourself oh yea im a virgin so will it hyrt that bad can some1 msg me back

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